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Name:Blind Tiger
Birthdate:Jun 27
Website:Ark of Eden Community
This is a journal for the House of Bells, a subsection of the [community profile] ark_of_eden multiple system. At the moment, there's only me here, so I've taken the liberty of decorating the journal to my taste. :) If I have something to say involving other people in the system or some of our shared interests, it'll probably go into the community. Everything else will stay here.

My name is Blind Tiger. What I am is something a little complicated to describe, but the important parts can be summed up well by the list of interests below. Consider me to be curious and friendly, but consider me also to be mostly occupied with in-system issues and thus not incredibly active in day-to-day life.

Whoever you are, reader, I'm pleased to have found you. If you have any questions, even silly and random ones, please feel free to ask!
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